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Region Wide information

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Referral Protocols in Dudley

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GOS 18
No Direct Referrals apart from for cataract
Cataract Direct Referral
GP address lists

GOS 18

Dudley PCT created their own version of the GOS 18. The LOC advise that there is no requirement to use this, and in the interests of uniformity across the country, recommend using the standard GOS18 form. An electronic version of the standard GOS 18 is available below in two versions. If you wish to use the Dudley PCT version, it is availble on this site following the PCT link on the left.

Blank GOS18
Blank GOS18 template

No Direct Referral apart from for cataract.

Apart from Cataracts, there is no direct referral from Optometrists to the local Russells Hall Eye Clinic. The only exceptions to this are emergency cases and suspected wet AMD. All other referrals must go through the GP.

Some Birmingham GPs will return the GOS18 to the referring optometrist with a note demanding direct referral. The LOC advise that when referring to a Birmingham GP you include a statement in the referral to the effect that as an Optometrist performing services in the Dudley PCT area you are not obliged to refer directly.

Referral guidelines for Dudley were prepared by Dudley PCT. An archive copy is available on the PCT section of this website.

Cataract Direct Referral

Direct referral of cataract operates within Dudley. This was introduced on the 31st January 2005 as a result of the Government Choose and Book Initiative.

The current situation with cataract direct referral in Dudley is that Mark Curran (Commissioning Manger, Planned care Dudley Clinical commissioning group) has written to practices saying that direct referral in Dudley will continue to be funded for those with a GP in Dudley.

NB see below for a list of GPs in Dudley CCG.

For now, until a payment mechanism is in place, all C1ís should be retained until such time as arrangements for payments are made. In theory as long as a patient has a Dudley CCG GP, then even if the practice is outside Dudley, referral as above will still be funded, but you may wish to check that first.

From the point of view of the Optometrist the pathway is the same as the rest of the BBCStHA pathway agreed in 2005 (available to download on this page) i.e. offer choice, complete C1 and fax copy to Hospital and GP. The patient should then contact the hospital to arrange a convenient appointment.

Telephone numbers seem to be in flux. Below are the last recorded list of numbers but if anyone can provide updates please contact us using the link on the left.

Patient number Fax Number
Russells Hall0845 155005401384 321060/ 01384 321101
Sandwell0121 507 32360121 507 6711
BMEC0121 507 41510121 507 6711
Wolverhampton01902 695800/30799901902 695755
Worcester01905 76042201905 760506
Kidderminster01562 51321701562 513036

Scans of some of the paperwork are available to download below. Copyright for these remains with the original author and the documents are hosted in the interest of patient care.

N.B. Most of the patient leaflets should be printed onto yellow paper.

C1 Form
Choice Patient Leaflet
Russell Hall Patient Leaflet
Sandwell General Hospital Patient Leaflet
BMEC Patient Leaflet
Wolverhampton Patient Leaflet (now at New Cross)
Worcester Patient Leaflet
Kidderminster Patient Leaflet
A Web based version of Understanding Cataracts is here. If you require multiple copies from the RNIB there is a charge.


At the launch of Cataract Direct Referral the PCT committed itself to ongoing accreditation for optometrists new to the area. Since no sessions have been offered for a few years the LOC consider it acceptable for mentoring to take place. Below are some resources to help optometrists new to the area:

Original Accreditation Presentation (Powerpoint)
Accreditation Handout
Overall Pathway
Pathway for patients wanting referral
Pathway for patients not contacting hospital

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GP Lists.

Below there is a list of GPs in Dudley CCG. It is important you check a patient is registered with one of these before you attempt to claim for cataract direct referral. Also a few neighbouring CCG groups are included.

Dudley CCG
Solihull CCG
Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG

Other Areas.

You can access GP details via the NHS Choices webstie

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